About Alburaq Company

Al-Buraq International Trading and Industry Company was established in 2007 in the city of Hebron. Since the beginning of the establishment, the company has adopted the application of quality standards on all its products and work to develop and diversify production and improve performance to meet the wishes of its customers, taking into account the public health and food safety regulations. At the beginning, the company was specialized in the production of Ras Al-Abd only and the distribution area was limited within the city Hebron. After a period of work, the company has increased the production so that the distribution now covers the whole country as well as export outside. In 2016, the Board of Directors decided to expand the company’s activities. This includes a juice production line in 2017, bottling production line, and the plastic reformation line which was started for the packing of Ras Al-Abd. Then the boxes was produced for the packaging of vegetables and fruits. The production line of biscuits began for the biscuits of Ras Al-Abd and expanded for the production of ice cream biscuits. Today, Al-Buraq is one of the leading companies in Palestine and the production of the company is considered one of the distinctive Palestinian national industries. The company’s area is currently about 1000 square meters, which includes modern buildings that comply with all safety and public health standards. The buildings include the administrative offices, production and maintenance departments as well as the quality and development laboratory. The company employs approximately 50 employees of both genders. The product is delivered daily to all points of sale throughout the country